Inheritance Law

Our legal practice in inheritance law comprises advising the future testator prior to inheritance, advising heirs after inheritance, and legatee or compulsory share beneficiaries who are precluded from their statutory inheritance right. As executor of the will, the administration and processing of the decedent's estate can also be taken care of.

During his/her lifetime, the testator has a number of drafting possibilities for regulation of inheritance. He/she can transfer assets already during his/her lifetime, name heirs, allocate certain assets to certain persons, require certain conditions to be met, stipulate the processing of the inheritance or establish a foundation.

We always focus hereby on the personal interests of the testator during his/her lifetime, taking into consideration all tax aspects as well.

After the inheritance takes place, we assist our clients with expert legal advice in an advisory capacity, also with judicial disputes. This applies particularly to the question of the acceptance or waiver of the inheritance, performance of the certificate of inheritance issuance procedure and settlement between the community of heirs. If close family members are precluded from their statutory inheritance rights, compulsory share claims are to be enforced.

The testator has the possibility of transferring the execution of his/her inheritance to third parties, in particular, an executor. We offer this service to our clients as well.