Family Law

Family law regulates the rights and obligations between persons who are or were linked together due to family relationship, marriage, the Life Partnership Act or due to non-marital cohabitation relationships.

We provide support and advice, in particular, with issues which are raised with a separation or divorce: child support or alimony, allocation of assets, pension rights settlement, custody, visitation rights or division of matrimonial household goods, clarification of descent - determination or challenging of paternity - maintenance obligations with non-marital cohabitation relationships or of children regarding their parents requiring nursing care as well as the issue of the law related to parents and children.

In the sensitive area of family law relationships, our work focuses on developing and realising mutually agreeable solutions. Should this not be possible, we represent our clients with judicial enforcement or defence of claims.
We draft marriage and partnership contracts for the client in order to avoid disputes from the outset. These are already possible and useful prior to entering into marriage but can also be concluded at any time during the marriage or after a separation.