Crimial Law

We have been providing legal advice in the field of criminal law and criminal defence for more than 35 years. We have experience with the entire spectrum of criminal law mandates including the incidental areas. A focus has crystallized in malpractice and medical criminal law as well as commercial criminal law, starting with foreign trade law and taxation criminal law up through corruption and bribery, fraud, breach of trust, bankruptcy and insolvency criminal law and up through capital investment, economic subsidy and credit fraud.

In addition to traditional criminal defence, we also offer preventive consultancy of companies including training of employees. We also represent companies which are involved in criminal proceedings and put together defence teams with larger proceedings and coordinate the activities of the various lawyers. In addition, we advise and represent witnesses in criminal proceedings, including accompaniment to interrogations as witness advisers.

Our criminal lawyers are active in academics and research. In addition to teaching work, our lawyers regularly give lectures and publish in specialist journals, illustrating our competence also in specialist literature.