Commercial and Trade Law

In corporate law, we represent companies as well as also shareholders and Managing Directors in all matters, both in and out of court.

We provide advice for the drafting of articles of association or Managing Directors' employment contracts, with the registration and incorporation of companies as well as with transactions for the takeover of companies.
Advising shareholders and Managing Directors of businesses at risk of insolvency in order to defend against a possible claim by a receiver in insolvency is included in the important legal advice in corporate law.

Due to our close cooperation with tax advisers and auditors, we have additional experts available at all times - for example, for company valuations - to be able to solve your problem in a multidisciplinary manner.

As an interdisciplinary-oriented expert team, we represent and advise commercial agents with their commission and settlement claims as well as assist partnerships with formation, takeover of trading companies and settle disputes of the company and transfer of shares.

Trade law advice naturally also includes the compilation of annual financial statements and representation of your interests as a merchant in all trade dealings.

Within the topic of compliance, we provide advice regarding the introduction of organisational measures which assure that your company acts within the framework of the applicable law and that liability risks, also for the members of management organs personally, are reduced.