Wolfgang Albers Lawyer, Chief of Police (Ret.)

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    Born in 1955 in Munich. Registered as a lawyer since 2017. Studied in Bonn.

    After completing his studies, Mr. Albers has held various functions in various areas of state administration for many years.

    Due to his long and varied administrative work, Mr. Albers not only has broad legal and technical knowledge in administrative law, but also extensive experience in out-of-court settlement in the different areas of administration.

    As a department head of the district government of Dusseldorf, he dealt with issues of local and municipal financial supervision, but also of urban planning, planning law, the regional and regional planning, in particular the settlement of large-scale retail.

    Through his many years as a speaker of the Interior Minister Schnoor and Interior Minister Kniola but also his membership in the Interior Committee of the Federal Council, he has a wealth of experience at the state, but also at the federal level.

    As police chief in Bonn and Cologne in the years 2002 to 2016, he led large authorities and gained so much experience in civil service law, police, assembly and weapons law. As a spokesman for the recruitment and training authorities of the North Rhine-Westphalia Police Department, he was also involved with questions of the training and specialist school law.

    Mr. Albers is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration in the field of state and administrative law. He is a member of the supervisory board of Diakonisches Werk Bonn and Region - gemeinnützige GmbH.

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